Some poems made by Marion Fernhout


Marion made more than 50 poems, here below is a selection.
They are originally written in Dutch and have a certain rhyme
but because of the translation, the rhyme could not be kept.
If you wish to read the poems in Dutch, please click here


My little rose, my little prince, my child

Marion with her just born baby, Michael

My little rose, my little prince,
this is what I say and think so often while I am looking at you
when you are wandering in the land of dreams and I wake upon you.
Your tender pink little head, round and soft,
and what sweet happiness it is that I feel is going throughout my body
when your little mouth laughs, it also trembles sometimes like a brooklet
with water so pure that is kissed by a little breeze.
Your little body is so tender as the velvet of roses.
The most precious stone is nothing in comparison with your little eyes,
shining and innocent, profound as stars of  blue azure.
Your little hands are like the leaves of the the clover of fortune.
Your little fingers graceful as female ballet-dancers.

One thing I ask you, my little rose,
is to remain blooming in my garden,
my love and care will be your nourishment.
My little prince in silk little clothes, 
remain on the throne that I made for you,
the throne of happiness.

Grimaldi, my paradise

  There is no finer spot on earth than Grimaldi my place,
the paradise of my dreams.
Wherever I go I will never forget you,
you have fascinated me, into my blood you have come.

Forever I will carry the nostalgia in my heart
and yearn for those days, fully filled with sunshine,
and naughty, daring and sweet nights.
To forget this and not to feel anymore,
do give me the courage !


Amor perdido (Lost love)
(1964 - written in Spanish)

Amor perdido, se que buscarte es inutil
Se que buscarte es sufrir, mas que estoy sufriendo ahora
pero no puedo rasegnarme.
Tu silenzio es como la tumba que me esta esperando.

Porque calles todo el tiempo,
porque mi siquiera querrias decirme adios !

Eso es tan cruel que no me deja la paz en que los muertos
tienen derecho, porque no estoy viviendo mas.
Deme soltanto un poco de consuelo,
dijame soltanto que me has querido mucho y asi puedo
por siempre morirme y no saber nada mas.



I see it there, painted in white,
surrounded with golden beams,
the way I have to go...

It's so exciting and I am happy,
although I am only at the beginning,
and I go with faith and obtained strength side by side.

It's like a rebirth
and I don't have sorrow now I know, resign and accept.
Vulnerable I don't feel myself anymore and it doesn't corrode me anymore.

In the inner silence of the ocean I let myself go.
I feel myself lifted up by the eternal rolling of the waves and their lives,
and driven by wing beats of heavenly birds.
It exults in me, faith and liberation is the turned tide.

Oh, victory, a thousand times thanks.
Because of grief I am death,

that's why I am living now and don't distress.


Day-dreaming about words

 Words are everything,
words are nothing.
Those who say that words are only words,
they don't know.
Words rule our lives.
Words are being read, 
are engraved in our souls and take on shapes.
By reading or hearing words
we become wise or... unwise !


Isola Bella

Isola Bella - Taormina (Sicily)

Isola bella, my paradise,
my island, my beach, my sun, my sea.
That other up there, no, that doesn't count now anymore.

I am looking at you, I am taking you in,
your beauty, your nature.
How beautiful life is after all,
every day, every night, on every hour.

Your contours in the night don't fade away .
You are always there for me, arisen out of the sea.
I want to embrace you, please don't say no !
To find you I had to go far,
I am obsessed by you.
Please don't let me stay far away from you.

Take me in, do swallow me up.
I can cry for you, you are so beautiful and mysterious.
Because of you, I feel it, I have eternal life, really.


You are like a meteor, you come out of the void, you disappear in the void.
You have to follow the orbit that was described for you,
even if it seems you don't see it.

It seems for you a run into insanity.
Be happy, many things don't hurt you,
because you are like a beautiful butterfly,
it was quickly over, but...
there is something much better ahead for you.

In my soul there has been added an impression again,
it didn't miss its effect.
You crossed my path, freely.
You are predestined for something much higher.

You have left the world with something beautiful.
The path that you described maintains the colours of your splendid light,
in which the shudder of the quivering ether is penetrating like a noble poem.


Dying in order to survive
(her last poem)

  Yes, I want to survive
Oh, I am doing everything for it
because I still don't want to die
because then everything will be lost.

Yes, I don't want to die
Oh, I am doing everything for it
because I want to survive
because then everything will continue.

Now I know quite better
I am doing everything for it
Yes, that's why I would like to die
but only in order to be able to survive !


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